The sales department is staffed with experienced salesmen, who are always close to the customer, developing together a relationship based in trust and reliability.  

Our sales deparment covers sufficiently the entire country, offering quality services, focusing on frequent visits to our customers and direct communication, which we believe is the key to success.

Continuous training and updating of the sales department on the changing market conditions, ensures continuous improvement in the provided services. But the sales process does not stop when the order is delivered. The sales department returns and seek to find out whether and how satisfied are the customer’s needs through their comments and reactions.

Sales Department in details consists of:

Internal Sales consultants
Our experienced salesmen daily contact with customers through call center and welcome all those who visit the premises of our company. Straightaway they take customer’s orders and they provide reliable solutions.

External sales consultants
The well trained sales consultants pay frequent visits to the partner retail stores. At the same time, they inform them about the new products and the current market conditions, helping them achieve the best combination of profitability and competitiveness.


internetA new service, launched by our company, is the online orders that our customers (the retail stores) can easily submit their orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Access is granted by clicking on our "Enter B2B" link, or by typing www.papadeasb2b.gr.

Make your job easier than ever! Online order with a simple click!

Now you are online with our company through:

tablet  Tablet -  laptop Laptop - desktopDesktop.

In real time you can see:

b2b engThis site is up-to-date with the full range of the company’s products, their availability and current offers.

How to search? Simple!


You can easily choose the desired products, and when you send your order, our company straightforward is handling it.


  • Submit your order and find it in real-time registered through our B2B service.
  • View your tab and your Invoices in detail.
  • View in real time at what stage of process the tool you have sent for service is.
  • Check the purchase history of each product.

And these are just some of the ONLINE services offered by our B2B platform and you can view them in real time.

Contact us and get access to our service!

faxOur customers can send their orders via FAX 24 hours per day.

Directly a representative processes the orders and customers are informed of their outcome.