Private Labels


Thanks to our team in research areas and development, we manage to improve our products, maintaining quality and performance.

Within search of the appropriate business opportunities for retailers, our company is a pioneer in the market distributing private label products.

We see through the market needs, always based on quality, we present a wide variety of private label products which have a great success in the domestic market, as a result of successful partnerships.

We seek for suppliers that manufacture in high quality factories, which gives us the possibility of optimizing the cost and control, with high-tech products. For private label products we strictly select our suppliers based on the specific criteria:

  • The certification
  • The quality
  • The expertise
  • The reliability
  • The production capacity
  • The price - value ratio

KRAUSMANN: Power Tools

KRAUSMANN Our company launched KRAUSMANN® power tools into the Greek market in 2005. From the very first time of the promotion of "ORANGE POWER" amateur power tool range, we set ourselves the objective of meeting the modern buyer’s needs and we consider success his total satisfaction.
STARTECH by FSCO: Fastening Systems

For the first time in Greek market we introduced in 2008 an innovative screw system. The essential feature of STARTECH® technology is the invention of sharpened teeth of the thread in star shape with the following advantages:

  • 50% faster penetration
  • 50% less screwing torque
  • 50% less time
  • Without pre-drilling, it does not split the wood

FSCO: Fastening systems & accessories


In 2002 our company launches for the first time fastening products under tradename FSCO®. In terms of reliability, to this date we have under the tradename FSCO® a variety of products in a wide range of applications:

  • Polyurethane Foams FSCO-FOAM by FSCO
  • Self-drilling Screws FSCO
  • Drywall Screws FSCO
  • Rivets FSCO
  • Plugs FSCO
  • Chipboard screws - wood screws STARTECH by FSCO
  • Wood Screws HOBO by FSCO
  • Concrete nails BETON-NAIL by FSCO


We support the Greek industry and seek to have partnerships with Greek companies. In 2003 we started cooperating with the first Greek company producing and applying sealants, specializing in two-component sealants which are produced with strict quality standards. Our company presents a range of sealants and adhesives of high-quality materials. This consists of:

  • Silicones EUROSEAL
  • Acrylic Stucco EUROACRIL
  • Polyurethane Foams FSCO-FOAM
  • Chemical Cartridges resin FSCO

KRAUSMANN, KRAUSMANN® Plus & KRAUSMANN® Dynamic: Accessories


After the brand awareness of power tools, our company is promoting during the last years successfully cutting and grinding discs with the tradename KRAUSMANN® , KRAUSMANN® Plus & KRAUSMAN Dynamic.

Under German standards and manufactured in Germany they meet all required standards.
Outstanding performance with excellent life and offer specific solutions with quality results in multiple applications.

JARDIN: Gardening Products
 JARDINWe have the appropriate tools to manage garden related works, terrace and flower beds. For the care of the plants, for cleaning and for the treatment of the garden our company introduced in 2007 the new series of garden tools JARDIΝ.


MERITA CLEAN: Houseware Products
Always committed to quality, in 2010 we started our cooperation with one of the largest Greek companies producing plastic houseware products, brooms and brushes. These products are distributed by our company carrying our own brand name MERITA CLEAN
MINOTAVROS: Ladders for houseware use and professional MINOTAVROS These are aluminum and metal ladders, folding and heavy duty, for household and professional use. They are designed to be absolute stable, ensure quality, easy in use, meeting all international standards. These products are placed on the Greek market with our brand name MINOTAVROS since 2006

PATSIO / SANTOM : Safety Products  
  • PATSIO      : Safety footwear
  • SANTOM   : Raincoats
Our company has a range of products for the safety of workers. It can offer protection to workers with PATSIO products and SANTOM. With continuous development of the range we have been able to introduce products that combine safety, quality, comfort, ergonomics and design.
POMOLINI / POMOLI / DRM: Furniture Supplies
  • POMOLINI  : Knobs, handles and furniture accessories
  • POMOLI      : Door Handles
  • DRM             : drawers’ sliders, furniture hinges

POMOLI POMOLINI DRM Since the establishment of our company to this date the furniture fittings sector is of particular importance. All these years we have been able to learn this market in depth.
We have very good expertise in this field and cover the needs of retail stores with products which gained many supporters because of their quality that distinguishes them.
Bright example are POMOLI products, DRM and POMOLINI coming from distinguished manufacturers with high quality products at competitive prices.
TAPPA / ECO / X-VAL:Plumbing

  • TAPPA : taps, mixer faucets Bathroom and Kitchen
  • ECO     : Economic series of taps & mixer taps
  • X-VAL  : spigots, switches, spirals and siphons

Our company enters dynamically in the field of plumping presenting in 2005 high aesthetics design products, high quality structure materials, fulfilling all requirements. The TAPPA brand name accompanies a series of tap mixers, bathroom faucets and kitchen.
The range is completed by ECO series, which covers the consumer needs seeking a cheap solution. In the series of plumbing products could not be absent products such as taps, switches, spiral and pipettes. X – VAL series fills this gap.
VESTAN: Paint brushes and rollers

vestan resized Focusing on products that are not absent of any hardware store in 2006 we start promoting paint brushes and rollers with the trade name VESTAN. Products of Greek manufacturers, durable, with quality. Excellent fit and high performance in color work.


BETON NAILS resizedConcrete nails of Greek manufacture named Beton Nails that launched our company in 2012.
We ensure high quality products with the technical and quality characteristics arising from market needs.

SmartLightCob led battery lights

Superb quality LED battery lights, with ON / OFF switch or dimmer.

They come with a magnet, cuckoo and velcro tape for easy placement anywhere. 
They work without cables / power, only 4 AAA batteries (not included) and available in a display stand. Shed light everywhere!