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Among the exclusivity of PAPADEAS SA a large factory of Italian origin was added: FNA (FiniNuair) company, the world's largest air compressor factory. The company PAPADEAS SA holds the exclusive distribution throughout Greece of the BLACK + DECKER air compressors manufactured in Italy by FNA (FiniNuair).

FINI 2The new generation of BLACK + DECKER air compressors is designed and built to meet the needs of the amateur or professional user. All products combine a wealth of benefits such as innovation, reliability and high performance.

Our compressors are divided into the following categories:

  • Portable oil-free compressors 

FINI 51This range, unique in its kind, was designed and developed for the needs of the most demanding consumers. Their main features are innovative design, compact size, ergonomic construction, ease of transport. A non-maintenance free oil aluminum pump is available.

  • Air Compressors Oil Monoblock

The oil monobloc air compressors are available with cast iron cylinders, an aluminum head and a reservoir, and a resilient plastic reinforcement that directs the airflow to cool the heads. They feature a long lasting life large-motor, as well as large wheels and a comfortable handle for easy transport.FINI 41

  • Air compressors Single phase with belt
Belt air compressors are designed for heavy use by craftsmen and small industries. They stand out because they have features such as a high-performance pump, long lasting life casting rollers, durable plastic to protect the belt and detachable parts, sturdy wheels and a comfortable carrying handle.

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FNA represents the milestone in the history of Italian air compressors manufacturing, thanks to the vision, the forefront and the experience of a family dedicated for generations in the air compressors industry. Today, FNA is the largest manufacturer of rotary air compressors and number one in reciprocating air compressor technology. Thanks to the continuous investment in the latest technology along with the unique dynamism and innovation, FNA aims to expand its market share and to exert further influence in all areas of compressed air technology.

FNA has a highly specialized approach to the design and production of high quality air compressors. It represents the most advanced manufacturing technology of its kind, combining innovation in design with insistence on detail. These values allow every consumer to enjoy privileges in all areas, ranging from amateur use to the most demanding industrial applications, from 2.2 kW to 250 kW, using the most advanced rotational air compression technology and from 0.75 kW up to 18.5 kW using top-of-the-range reciprocating air compression technology.