Among the exclusivities of PAPADEAS SA, there is also a large factory of Italian origin: ANNOVI REVERBERI, the world-leading manufacturer of professional washing machines. Our company has the exclusive distribution across Greece of the DEWALT washing machines manufactured in Italy by ANNOVI REVERBERI.


The new range of high pressure washers offers increased efficiency and improved durability for everyday use in the most extreme conditions. Combining experience and innovation, the new DEWALT® range guarantees to the skilled user the best performance and the most satisfying results especially for the most demanding professional applications.

DEWALT® high pressure washers consist of two major categories: electric power and petrol. The petrol engines have four-stroke motors with a crank, powered by HONDA.

They are divided into two types of pumps:

  • With swiveling swing plate, which have high performance, low flow speed and pressure below 170bar
  • Crankshaft drive, which is heavy-duty, high-performance, less prone to leakage at very high pressure. The low operating speed allows cooling for long lasting life.

Also, pump heads consist of the following materials:

  • Aluminum: High power and performance are achieved due to the anti-corrosion material.
  • Brass: For highly professional use, machines requiring high pressures, safe and continuous use, offering complete protection against corrosion and prolonging the life of the pump.

Finally, the pistons that make up the pump are also available in two materials:

  • Stainless Steel: For a high level of performance, durability and reliability.
  • Ceramic: For higher strength, very high pressure and longer life.



Founded in 1958 in Modena, in the heart of the Italian engineering district, Annovi Reverberi is a modern company, flexible and steadily expanding which stands tall as a major manufacturing group and market presence. The organization's strength is encoded in its DNA. It comes from the founding partner's skills and personal experience, the dynamic nature of the Italian manufacturing district that provided the perfect terrain for the company's inception and subsequent development, an exceptionally talented and dedicated workforce, and the plurality and excellence of the interrelated professional competences involved.

For decades a world's leading manufacturer of diaphragm pumps for agriculture and piston pumps for industrial washing, Annovi Reverberi today boasts also a major presence in cleaning sector thanks to its high pressure cleaners, for both private and professional use, representing pioneering solutions in the global market.

The company is present in five continents and more than a hundred countries with a network of manufacturing and commercial facilities which allow a direct presence in local markets, in a strategy of total focus on the needs of end customers. The organization's remarkable vigor is underpinned by permanent innovation, relentless research to identify ever more efficient solutions, and the ability to meet and anticipate customer demands and accept the market challenges.