PAPADEAS SA and DEWALT® gave more than dynamic presence at the 3rd MEDWOOD International Exhibition, held from 22nd to 25th April 2010, at the METROPOLITAN EXPO (EL. VENIZELOS airport) Exhibition Center.

This participation did not only reflect the active presence of the two companies in the field and their sincere co-operation since the beginning of the year, but also their joint view that they ought to listen carefully to the entrepreneurs and the technical world of wood and furniture.

Visitors not only from Greece, but also from Cyprus and the Balkans, flooded from the first days of the exhibition the 112 m2 pavilion, which hosted the unique in European level on-site demonstration of NEW TECHNOLOGY CHIPBOARD SCREW of grinded toothed threads in the shape of Star, STARTECH, While all the new models of the DEWALT range of professional woodworking tools and machinery were displayed on stands.

The impressive attendance of people has captured the enthusiasm of even the most demanding user, who in fact realized the superiority of the NEW STARTECH CHIPBOARD SCREW in chipboards and wood, while the public was informed by an experienced and trained team about all the features of the wide range of DEWALT® power tools on display.

Surprisingly, the professionals watched how easy their daily work would be from now on with their DEWALT® top-of-the-line and unique in quality power tools and the use of the NEW CHIPBOARD SCREW. So many have rushed to seize the opportunity for cooperation in the best value-for-money relationship that the two companies always offer.

Characteristic was the commitment to the on-site tests that took place at the NEW STARTECH CHIPBOARD SCREW all to agree that it was needed a long time ago a new technology in chipboard and wood screws and a general change in history of the fastening systems.

ΧΡΟΝΟΛΟΓΙΟ low At the same time, the final of the National screwing contest was held in the DEWALT®’s pavilion where the winner was awarded the € 3,000 prize an®d participated in the European competitions in Valencia, Spain.

The satisfaction of the new DEWALT tools held the users in their hands and the recognition of the excellence of the NEW CHIPBOARD SCREW STARTECH (TORX, WOOD, HOBO, FLOOR) by all the industry fields came as a capping stone of the efforts of the two companies for the lasting and their strenuous search for the most sophisticated and advantageous solutions for DIY users and professionals.

True to their promise, as far as innovation is concerned, they are facing the economic crisis as an opportunity for further growth, and in view of their continued development in the recent years and the undoubted success of MEDWOOD 2010, they highlight your need for lasting change and evolution, renewing their appointment for the next sectoral exhibition.

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